The Gogomodo Logo (Design Credit: Rivers Run Red)
The Gogomodo Logo (Design Credit: Rivers Run Red)

Gogomodo Trivia for Second Life

Gogomodo Trivia for Second Life is the most popular game in the virtual world. There are over 200 locations across the grid at any given time that are active. Questions are served from a central database; when someone gets a correct answer, their avatar is credited with one point, as well as the location where they are getting a point. It is also an advertising network, with a new ad cycle being shown after every 10 questions. All impressions are tracked fully by date and region.

SLBoutique was originally founded by Peregrine Salon founder Timothy Allen and his wife, Jennifer, launching in January, 2005. It was entirely architected and programmed by Tim. It very quickly became one of Second Life’s most popular web sites, doubling the amount of sales every other month. By the end of the 2005 year, more than L$5,000,000 (~ US$18,727) in transactions were being performed on a monthly basis.

Key features included real-time in-world delivery and payment. Any time an item was purchased on the web, the item was instantly given to the avatar, and payment was sent to the seller. A huge array of items were available on the site, in the hundreds of thousands. CNN called SLBoutique, “the Amazon of the virtual world.” Sellers could also perform advanced functions like splitting payments; if an item was created by multiple creators in a collaboration, a payment method could be defined that would allow the payment to be split amongst several avatars. A huge section of free items was also featured, and quickly because a huge destination for new Second Life residents.

In early 2006, it became clear that either SLBoutique was going to become a full-time job, or it was time to sell it to someone who could handle the increasing volume. The Electric Sheep Company was just starting at this time, purchased the web site, and continue to do a marvelous job running it. They have rebranded is as Shop.OnRez and it continues to be one of the most popular shopping destinations on the web. Below is an article from the Metaverse Messenger the week after the sale was complete.

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