I haven’t blogged in a while so: here we go. 40 years on this planet!

It has been a while since I blogged (obviously), and for the the few of you who actually read this nonsense, you know I blog for no person other than myself. Thanks for reading, mom and dad! (I kid, because I’m pretty sure they don’t actually read this.)

That may seems egotistical – no, wait, it is extremely egotistical – this is a diary. Yet as I approach the age of 40, the number of picoseconds is irrelevant to me – I find myself in “middle age” and compelled to talk about it. Over the next few weeks, I will, a decade at a time. I am going to try to tell you, before my 40th, a bit about what I remember from each decade.

This is the introduction.

For the record, I’ve been alive for 7.56864e+22 picoseconds. That’s a shit-ton of microtransactions.

Before I turn 40, I will share with you the beautiful moments, the horrid moments, and everything in between: my awesome family, my incredible wife, the leaders I’ve had over the years, my amazing nephew, my great friends, and what a fucking lucky kid I am. I’ll also share with you why you should be a Pink Floyd fan.

I will also share with you the joy I’ve experienced over the past 400 or say days becoming an uncle – excuse me, an Uncle – to my new best friend Pierce. (Sorry Jennyfur, he’s awesome.)

I’ll share with you the pain and the joy I’ve felt with the (okay, she’s the best) best friend in my life Jennyfur, who should be up for sainthood, my mother, my dad, my trials, my tribulations, how I’ve fallen in love and out of love with every programming language from assembly to python, how I’ve tried to be a mentor, how I’ve tried to learn.

I’ll end this intro with this: the only thing I’ve learned so far is I haven’t learned shit. My amig0s at work continue to teach me something new every week. My nephew continues to teach me something every week. My sister continues to teach me something every week. My brother in law is en-route to Houston and teaches me something every week. My mom and dad? Of course they do. My in-laws? Amazing folks – and you know what they do? I don’t see them every week – but every time I seem them… yeah, they teach me something.

I’ll get back to this shortly, but if you remember nothing else: EVERYTHING IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.


Because there is only one goal in life: