My Cousin Gordon on Science and Religion

So I must share this; my mom’s cousin Gordon is kind of a genius. I felt this passage from his blog was particularly cogent:

The science of natural selection concerns the features of replicating entities which affect their differential fitness—their reproductive success in a competitive environment. To understand the evolution of religion, we must consider two kinds of replicators, one of which is biological—the human animal—the other being the religious memes (beliefs and practices) that replicate in the environment of human minds. The question, “How did religion evolve?” has two sides. Not only should we ask what is the impact of religion on human evolutionary fitness, we must also ask what features of religious memes impact their reproductive success.

3 thoughts on “My Cousin Gordon on Science and Religion

  1. Hey, Tim. Well, thanks for the endorsement! I’m embarrassed (one of the so-called ‘self-conscious emotions’ which actually have more to do with consciousness of other people). Really, I’m at a loss for words, so I’ll just say that this kind of encouragement–humbly and gratefully received–means a lot.

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