Second Life Animated Texture Creator v0.4 - brought to you by Peregrine Salon
Animated GIF89a to Second Life Texture Conversion (Updated December 27th, 2008)

Creating a Second Life animated texture is now SIMPLE!

Step 1. Select an animated GIF file from your hard drive using the "Browse" button below.
Step 2. Enter how many frames per second you would like the animation to play at in SL.
Step 3. Press "Process".

GIF Source File:

Frames Per Second:

0.5.0: Wrote in some sanity checks to improve server stability. Error messages now display for large files and graphics with too many frames.
0.4.0: Re-wrote preparation routine to coalesce source GIF file, avoiding white pixelation of frames after the first frame.
0.3.0: Re-wrote to convert from GIF to PNG frame by frame to maintain transparency before conversion to Targa format.
0.2.1: Added user definable frames-per-second to automatically output LSL code with the user select frames per second. Default of 8 fps selected.
0.2.0: Fixed bug outputing a non-perfect final sized picture. It would be mistuned for Second Life depending ont he total number of frames.
0.1.0: Initial release.

Known issue:

- number of frames in original GIF file. The way SL animated textures work is by laying them out in a "grid" and then showing different parts of the texture. To make a two-dimensional grid on a graphic, you need to consider the number of frames. For example, a 47 frame GIF original file would have to be gridded at 47 x 1 - which, with a maximum width of 1024, would look horrible. However, if you duplicate one of those frames, you'd have 48 frames, which is a much more reasonable 8 x 6 grid (the script picks the most efficient lay out given the number of frames in the original graphic). With some tweaking in ImageReady from Adobe, or your choice of graphic editor, you can get pretty good results with minimal effort.

I hope this helps clarify, and gives you some ideas on making it look better!