About Us

In “first life”, Peregrine Salon is made up of Timothy Allen and Jennifer Vatza. Tim and Jenn met in 2000, by complete chance; Jenn was moving back to Philadelphia and a friend of a friend asked Tim to help them move in. It only took a few months for them to become a couple, and have been together ever since. The two were married on June 3rd, 2005, in a ceremony at the beautiful Morris Arboretum in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. Tim and Jenn have always had shared hobbies in their shared love of music, friends, socializing, and emerging technology. Peregrine Salon was born out of this spirit.

Tim first tried Second Life in July, 2003, but the laptop being used at the time wasn’t really up for the challenge. On November 14th, 2003, and energized with a new laptop, Tim saw an article on Slashdot, talking about how Linden Lab had granted the intellectual property rights to anything created in their virtual world to the creator. Having written much of his senior thesis in college on emerging 3-D technologies, this was intriguing. Tim joined Second Life that day as FlipperPA Peregrine, and for the next month, Jenn could often be heard saying, “Are you playing that STUPID game again?” Apparently, the “typing” sound annoyed her as much as it annoys many of the other residents!

Jennifer graduated from Moore College of Art and Design, and had initially been majoring in fashion design. The part of fashion design that frustrated her was the cutting and sewing; the creative process was what she loved. Knowing this, Tim encouraged Jenn to join Second Life (as Jennyfur Peregrine), and soon Jenn was one of the better known clothing designers in Second Life.

Both are employed full time and consult on the side; Tim is the IT Director of Advanced Initiatives for Wharton Research Data Services at the University of Pennsylvania, which has over 370 subscribers including some fly-by-night schools you may have never heard of, like Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of Chicago. Previously, Tim was IT Director for Crompco, LLC in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Crompco is known for being the most technically innovative company in the environmental testing field, having been featured for their corporate training in Second Life and field solutions several times. Jennifer works in web content development at her alma mater, the Moore College of Art and Design. There she helps run large yearly alumnae events, as well as running their web content and social media presence.

Tim and Jenn live in South Philly, with their cats, Buster and Madelaine.